Searching for possibilities to effectively advertise on the internet ? offers you the opportunity to advertise at the live-webcam-images from the Webcam Chain Terneuzen. Live images are "hot". Therefore our website is frequently visited daily. By advertising on our promotional website you can reach many prospective customers every day and your company will be associated directly with the "promotional area Terneuzen e.o.". Expensive ? ..... check our introduction advertising rates and conditions:
You don't have have to make the banner and the "mini-webpage" yourself. We do it for you. In advance we discuss the design with you. Then you provide us with photos, logos and text. If desired you can customize the content per month. Links to e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or to your own website can also be processed in a "mini Web page". Before your advertisement goes "on-line" the final design will be presented to you first.

As an introduction new customers can advertise for 4 months for only 60,- excl. VAT. Then you pay the monthly fee every next month depending on the chosen advertisement. Right after the "on-line" posting of your advertisement we will send you an invoice for the agreed period. To and no later than 10 days before the end of each advertisement period, you can cancel in writing or by email. If no cancellation is received the advertisement period will become tacitly renewed with same period. At attractive rates, you can also advertise an entire year contiguous.

You get so much value for little money! 24/7 effective advertising on the internet next to the live-images from your region. Compare this with the effectiveness and cost of e.g. a small advertisement in an advertisement flyer (house-to-house). Such a flyer often ends up in the "waste paper bin" in just one day after reading. To place an advertisement, please contact us by email or tel. + 31 (0) 642394546
or fill in the advertisement form directly by clicking the "I want to advertise" button.