The portTERNEUZEN project  "Webcam-Chain-Terneuzen (WCT)" :

Despite many efforts Terneuzen is still not really "in the picture" at a large and global audience.
For example : on the internet there is still very little focused- and collected information to find about our City and region. However, Terneuzen has a lot to offer !

Think of the favorable business climate for private individuals and companies :
e.g. the port and its beautiful and strategic location on the banks of the river Westerscheldt,
the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal and the outstanding infrastructure (incl. the tunnel underneath the river).
Indeed, with the new Seine-Scheldt
connection, the "Sluiskil tunnel" (tunnel underneath the canal),
the new large lock (to be built in the near future) and the increasing cargo transshipment- and transit possibilities; Terneuzen will be the main gateway for shipping to Belgium, France and Germany.

We love our City and our region and we want to promote Terneuzen even more through a "chain" of High
Definition "live stream" web camera's. All camera images are shown together on one single "collect website" (and sister web sites). In this way the images will reinforce each other making the promotion- and security value increases significantly.  Together with information and advertisements; the images will form a worldwide promotional network for the region Terneuzen.

Municipalities and companies can present themselves to a broad audience in the Webcam Chain Terneuzen by independent participations with camera images. The project is "fed" by participation and advertising etc. Than, according to the requirements and the implementation, the costs can remain  limited.

Curious ...? Please feel free to contact us for information about
participation in the Webcam Chain Terneuzen and/or the advertising possibilities.

all us on + 31 (0) 642394546
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